What our customers are saying

"Well done on the 2nd Gen razors. Just got and started using the 2nd Gen razors and they are far superior [to] the previous generation. Great job guys and your soap and deodorant are excellent.  Thanks again!"

Jeff M
Precision 5 Subscriber

"I can honestly say that it is better than the current Gillette product in every way.  Cleaner, faster shave than I remember, able to handle a high stubble load without plugging, I'm truly impressed and wanted you to know that.


I'm just happy to have a product that doesn't make me feel like I'm compromising my day-to-day in order to support what I believe."

Patrick H
Sprint 3 Subscriber

"Bought the new/improved handle for the 5 cartridge. It looks and feels great!"

William G
Precision 5 Subscriber

"My goodness you guys have stumbled upon something really great - It was the smoothest, most effortless, easy shave experience I've ever had. No snags, nothing. No razor burn, no bleeding, nothing...

An incredible product at a good price. It was just really, really well designed. I was so satisfied with it. I wanted to let you guys know."

Marc B
Sprint 3 Subscriber

This baby is legitimately the single best shave i have ever had and that includes some really good barber shops. My hair on top and on my beard line grows in really coarse but this plowed through all of it like butter and made my skin feel soft at the same time...

Jason B
Precision 5 User

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