Sprint 3 Trial Kit
Sprint 3 Trial Kit
Sprint 3 Trial Kit
Sprint 3 Trial Kit
Sprint 3 Trial Kit
Sprint 3 Trial Kit

Sprint 3 Trial Kit


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You’re a no-nonsense man on a mission. And when you’re fighting woke at every corner, there isn't a moment to waste. Arm yourself with the ALL NEW Sprint 3 for a quick, clean shave that respects your time, values, and style. With three coated stainless steel blades and an easy rinse design, you can shave precious time off your morning ritual and face each day with confidence.


  • 1 Handle: Our all-new, redesigned ergonomic handle for superior durability
  • 1 Razor Cartridge with easy rinse design


  • Easy rinse design → Because your time is better spent doing other manly things
  • 3 coated stainless steel blades per cartridge → Effortlessly conquer stubble and progressive bull$#!&
  • Lubricating strip → Moisturizes your skin as you shave
  • Head that pivots without caving → Contours to your unyielding features to help prevent nicks and cuts
  • Ergonomic Handle → Allows superior control & durability
    • Compatible with both Sprint 3 and 2nd Gen Precision 5 blade refills

      Take up arms.

      Choose the razor right for you.

      Set the pace.

      Set your frequency based on your shave habits.

      Receive excellence.

      Vanquish your stubble. Woke-free.

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