Harry’s and The Daily Wire had a deal.

They paid us. We advertised their razors. 

But after we said that boys are boys and girls are girls, they publicly condemned our views as “inexcusable” and dropped their ads because of what they called “values misalignment.”

You’re damn right our values are misaligned.  We value truth and the right to speak it. 

We embrace masculinity and the courage to uphold it. And since no other razors out there did… we built our own.

Every dollar you spend here is one less dollar in the pockets of woke razor CEOs who profit from putting you down. 

They make money by making you feel bad. Jeremy gets rich by making you look great. And by creating alternatives in the market that actually give you a choice. So you don’t have to cut away your values, every time you shave your face. 

We can’t build this parallel economy overnight - it’s going to take time. 

But with your commitment it will happen. And razors,  are just the start.