What our customers are saying

"Well done on the 2nd Gen razors. Just got and started using the 2nd Gen razors and they are far superior [to] the previous generation. Great job guys and your soap and deodorant are excellent.  Thanks again!"

Jeff M
Precision 5 Subscriber

"I can honestly say that it is better than the current Gillette product in every way.  Cleaner, faster shave than I remember, able to handle a high stubble load without plugging, I'm truly impressed and wanted you to know that.


I'm just happy to have a product that doesn't make me feel like I'm compromising my day-to-day in order to support what I believe."

Patrick H
Sprint 3 Subscriber

"Bought the new/improved handle for the 5 cartridge. It looks and feels great!"

William G
Precision 5 Subscriber

"My goodness you guys have stumbled upon something really great - It was the smoothest, most effortless, easy shave experience I've ever had. No snags, nothing. No razor burn, no bleeding, nothing...

An incredible product at a good price. It was just really, really well designed. I was so satisfied with it. I wanted to let you guys know."

Marc B
Sprint 3 Subscriber
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