The Best a He/Him Can Get

The Best a He/Him Can Get

Once upon a time, before math was racist and when only cops and creeps wore mustaches, Gillette sold razors to men. For years, their ads took a few testosterone-titillating ingredients (sport cars, beautiful women, the occasional fighter jet) and mashed them up into more creations than a Taco Bell menu.

Gillette Mach 3 Fighter Jet Ad

But it was the best their ads would get. 

By the 2010’s, Gillette, along with virtually every other brand in the country had taken a sharp left turn and was racing toward wokeness at Mach 10 speed. Adiós aspirational messaging and strong-jawed male representation. Hellooo effeminate influencers and vilification of all things even remotely manly.

And that would be one thing — it’s a free country, and you can alienate your customers, if that makes business sense to you. But they didn’t just voluntarily take a nosedive. They condemned you for not following them all the way down. 

Gillette Ad - Boys Will Be Boys

Today, men as you once knew them are no longer the target market. Woke razor companies now trade only in virtue signaling and ESG credit, and care more about your ideological compliance than your business. Their new audience is soft, ideologically malleable He/Hims, or anyone who identifies as such.

Harry's crying man gif

It’s time for a market correction.

In spring of 2022, Daily Wire co-CEO and lowercase god-king Jeremy Boreing created Jeremy’s Razors to give you an alternative, and give razors their edge back.

Jeremy Whiskey Toast gif

He promised you a shave, not a lecture, and kept it simple: you patron him, he won’t patronize you. 

But let’s be even clearer about the choice. 

Woke razor companies think masculinity is toxic and will tell you over and again, you have a lot of work to do, buddy. They get a kick out of making you feel bad. Jeremy just wants you to look good. 

He takes pride in his products, not your sexuality. And makes no apologies for embracing the innate, male characteristics of strength, assertiveness, self-reliance, and the striving for something greater than ourselves.

Image of Gillette Pride Parade float next to Image of Jeremy's Razor Ad. Text: I take pride in what I make. What do you take pride in? Just kidding, I don't care.

But the biggest difference between Jeremy’s Razors and, let’s say, Harry’s, is where your money ends up after you buy one. 

Woke razor companies are all too happy paying social media influencers to talk to teenagers about trimming their pubic hair.

Gillette Influencer gif

Or to spotlight bad commercials about left-wing dads who chide their sons for being boys. Or help their daughters shave their beards.  

But more than finance weird marketing, woke razor brands shovel your money into radical leftism aimed at children, and so-called racial justice. 

Last year, Harry’s created a limited edition razor and gave all the proceeds to LGBTQ+ activist groups. 

They also fund leftist organizations, sponsoring workshops on “racial microaggressions.”

Not to mention, paying for whatever this is…

Jonathan Van Ness gif

So what’s the best part of picking up Jeremy’s Razors? Other than the all-natural, high quality products that show up on your doorstep, you won’t be paying for any of the nonsense just mentioned.

From Jeremy’s new, Precision 5 razor with flip-back trimmer to his tea tree & Argan oil Shampoo and Conditioner, your money will go solely to creating new and better products, upholding traditional values, ruffling woke feathers, and of course.... to Jeremy.

Jeremy's Razors. Stop giving your money to woke corporations that hate you. Give it to me instead.

TLDR? Go back and read it. Then check out our comparison chart.


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Jeremy torching Harry's Razors

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