Precision 5 + One Year of Blade Refills

Precision 5 + One Year of Blade Refills

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A trimmer blade - it’s what you always wanted. And if it means you’ll finally give Jeremy your money, then that’s what he wants too. Includes one year quantity of blade refills.

Use the precision of the flip-back trimmer to hone your hairlines and perfect your look. For a limited time, get one year of shaving with this bundle!



I was an original member of Dollar Shave Club, but believe me when I tell you Jeremy's Razors is way better.


I was a Harry's subscriber since 2015. I canceled because I’m one of the knuckle dragging savages that believes in traditional morality.

Roger V

I’ll be giving my money to someone who will use it for something I support from now on, not a company who openly despises me.

Spencer L

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