Founders Kit
Founders Kit
Founders Kit
Founders Kit
Founders Kit

Founders Kit

Precision 5 or Smooth 6

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First refill ships 8 blades in 30 days on Oct 22
Charges $18 (Smooth 6) or $22 (Precision 5)
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Take it on the road or glorify it at home. The kit has everything you need to vanquish unwanted hair. The durable, socialism-resistant bag is locked and loaded with green tea & menthol Shave Cream and Post Shave Balm, our weighted handle (not made for the limp-wristed), and your choice of Precision 5 or Smooth 6 blade cartridges. It identifies as the best shave kit ever assembled and its preferred pronouns are Buy/Now.

Available in:

  • Precision 5 - Five blades and a precision flip-back trimmer for superior accessibility around the nose, ears, and sideburns.
  • Smooth 6 - Six blades, Sharp as Truth, for a smooth, long-lasting shave.

Each kit includes:

  • Travel case
  • Matte tungsten handle
  • Four blade cartridges
  • Green tea & menthol shave cream and post shave balm



I was an original member of Dollar Shave Club, but believe me when I tell you Jeremy's Razors is way better.


I was a Harry's subscriber since 2015. I canceled because I’m one of the knuckle dragging savages that believes in traditional morality.

Roger V

I’ll be giving my money to someone who will use it for something I support from now on, not a company who openly despises me.

Spencer L

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